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How is your voice stuff going? It’s been a while stfuadachi. Do you even still roleplay? 

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Hello everyone! I’ve reached a pretty crazy milestone (1.4k followers) in a few short months since converting to a gaming blog. I’ve already done one giveaway but this time I’m going to be GIVING AWAY A COPY OF DESTINY FOR ANY CONSOLE. Yup, that’s right, a physical copy of Destiny on your door step on release day (well, I can guarantee that for North American followers). I DID plan to give away a collectors or limited edition but they’re hard to come by but a copy of Destiny is the next best thing!


  • You must be following me. 
  • Reblogs count, you can reblog all you want and they will count.
  • Likes don’t count but feel free to like anyway.
  • No giveaway blogs, I’ll check.
  • Your ask must be open
  • You must feel comfortable with giving me your shipping address.
  • You must reply to the winning ask within 24 hours or I’ll choose someone else.

I’ll choose a winner September 6th using a number generator

Good luck!

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the REAL double standard in society is that when the hulk gets mad and destroys things it’s “incredible” but when i do it i’m just an asshole

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I&#8217;m a selfie whore I know and I&#8217;m kinda not sorry because I don&#8217;t care. Anyway I feel pretty for once so yeah even after work I still felt in a good mood about how I looked so I took some photo&#8217;s and I liked them so yes. Mah face.
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I’m a selfie whore I know and I’m kinda not sorry because I don’t care. Anyway I feel pretty for once so yeah even after work I still felt in a good mood about how I looked so I took some photo’s and I liked them so yes. Mah face.

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[Charlotte Luna Cosplay]
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Did I ever post these?  Just before I went to Venice this is me at 3:30am (right) and 5am (left) on the 5hour train to Norwich before my three hour car journey to London Gatwick before my 2 hour flight to Venice.  Phew
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Did I ever post these? Just before I went to Venice this is me at 3:30am (right) and 5am (left) on the 5hour train to Norwich before my three hour car journey to London Gatwick before my 2 hour flight to Venice. Phew

Feelin&#8217; hella cute today.
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Feelin’ hella cute today.

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It was from a small shop on Ebay, lacefronted, I unfortunately no longer have the link but it was styled by my self.

Ok so I ordered some stuff from DressLink and wanted to do a review since I am super happy with everything I received. I’ll start from the top!

I want to state as a disclaimer I am not sponsored nor being given products or paid for this review. I wanted to do this of my own accord because I think this is a great site for cute cheap clothes!

I should mention I received my items within 4 days from China via Fedex. Ten garments or so cost me £34 + £15 P&P so it works out at roughly £5 per garment which isn’t bad.

If you order more than one of something you get money off too, for example I ordered three colours of one shirt (I would have had 4!) And got roughly £3-4 off from that bundle order of shirts. So it was practically a free shirt. 

Bird dress:

A fit true to the measurements. The garment isn’t stretchy at all though but the zip under the arm really helped. It came a little short on me but I didn’t mind. Overall a lovely material however and fit really well, wasn’t tight in the slightest.


The shirt: 
A little see through and not as baggy as pictured but still a super nice fit. The material has a lovely feeling but again something I would wear a slip under. Isn’t heavy at all so can be worn for the summer too which is surprising! comes in other colours but I figured white was a nice colour to go with.


The skirt: 

Not as puffy as pictured but this is definitely something you could layer up. Which I intended to anyway, it comes in other colours but I found the mint to be the easiest to match to other colours, It isn’t itchy against the legs like it looks like it would be and I’ll definitely get the other colours.


Baggy trousers:

In hindsight I should have gotten a bigger size to get more baggyness, but these are huge on me for my size (which it is meant to be!) You can wear them down or up, I liked them better up and I’ll probably order a pair in black in a bigger size too. Go two sizes up to get bigger bagginess. This was on my size which is why I say I want more baggyness. Super soft material and pockets are all nice and big, really comfortable on the waist band.


Support bra and waist control:

Under garment stuff! I always look so frumpy and because I’m big chested I always look like I’m hunched over. So I saw this bust support that lifts you from the sides and this waist control garment and decided to try them out. They definitely make a difference as you can see. It evens out my stomach and doesn’t make my chest look so frumpy and big, without pinching me to look unrealistic. 


Bat wing top:
I really liked this because I don’t really like showing off my body a lot. Occasionally is fine. It is really comfortable and light so it’s nice for this weather and super matchable to anything as I’v found. It comes in black too but I have so many black clothes I think it’d be best to go for lighter colours. 

Coloured Shirts:
The red was out of stock or I would have gotten it. 

These are made of a super nice material really light and wasn’t see through at all. They are stretchy and fit really snug, I’d have gotten all the colours but again red was out of stock, I found the colours to be a little different but nothing I was unhappy with in the slightest, so comfortable! One of my favourite bundles.

Overall I would definitely recommend this site, The sizes were all true to their measurements and everything was what I expected to get. A few garments I had to cut loose finishing threads off, but overall I had gotten a great package. I have been told some garments are hit and miss on if they’ll be see through or not which is what I expected but you get what you pay for so keep  that in mind!
This site does accessories and shoes as well as clothes and I’ll probably do a review in the future of other products from this site if you guys want. 
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Aw thank you so much!

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