Outfit of the day! Super casual today.
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Outfit of the day! Super casual today.

[Charlotte Luna Cosplay]
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I forgot to say I finished this dress! Berniebear looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress too. I can’t wait to see the photos so I can show her off to you guys! 

sourwolves-and-angels sent: Hi! I absolutely adore your Pyrrha cosplay and I am planning on making one soon! I was just wondering how you made your armor and the corset/ top. Thankyou! Your cosplay is absolutely inspiring!

Aw thank you so much! it means a lot to see this! haha.

The corset was custom made but isn’t that hard a pattern to follow! You can find all my progress shots  HERE but I recently posted a small how to pattern a corset from an existing corset HERE

As for the armour, it’s in there too but it was patterned and made from Worbla.  



Neckline Types


Neckline Types


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Hey guys today I’m doing a review on yesfor.com for their clothes and whatnot.

Yesfor is a site that also goes by the rule of; the more quantity of an item you buy, the more money off you get. Which is great when buying three or four different colours in what you want!

So I want to start off with saying these are my 100% honest opinions on this review and overall I’m really pleased with what I got. I tried my very best to get the best pictures I could in it and I think what I got is very flattering on me and my style. So..yeah! Let’s get on with it! I’ll work in order of what pictures are up there and add links for you guys to check it out yourself.

Retro Flip Up Round Lens Eyeglasses


Something else I’m super happy with. I love the style the mechanism is well build another item that has stood heavy handed testing by myself and a few others in my family the hinge hasn’t loosened at all and it’s really sturdy. I’m really into round lenses at the moment too so another pair to add to my collection. These will fit right in with what I wear and my style. Very sturdy, very durable, the glass in the lenses don’t distort my view at all and they do well as sunglasses too. 

 Elegant Princess Umbrella Skirt


I really like this and how flattering it is. It has a black silk underskirt so this looks really nice worn with black shirts. The floral material is really soft and I really liked the print, I also like how it was a lot more see through than other skirts. The fit was perfect for me it wasn’t tight or cinching at all. There’s a white version too which I think would be really pretty with a white cut out shirt. Paired with wedges this makes for a really nice summer look for me, who hates wearing too little. 

Retro Floral Pleated Organza Skirt


I found that this would be best if you can go one size above your usual size only because of the elasticated waist as you would get a lot more poofyness out of it that way to the lower of the skirt however if you aren’t into skirts like that, go for your size. I found it to be comfortable to wear and again the material was really soft, the print is a little smaller but not something that detracted from the skirt itself, it looked nicest with a thick belt around the waist for me but it could be worn without one as pictured below. You all know vintage and retro are my calling and I love this look!

Short Sleeve Open Side High Split Hot Tee Dress


It was a little more sheer than I was expecting but nothing that can’t be fixed with a slip under it, however this type of dress is best worn over something as an add on which is nice, but on it’s own it might be good to put on a white vest or white slip on under it. Now I like this because it can be worn two different ways one way was worn using the same thick belt and white under dress which would be really nice for going out it. And the other just a cardigan for a lazy approach. Shorts and leggings alike would be nice paired with this I think.  Overall though I like the versatility the shirt itself is super soft material and nice on the skin. 

Cat Shape Soft Plush Cosmetic Makeup Bag


I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! It’s so cute!! The fur is super soft and lovely and the accents are so adorable. Little airbrushed blush cheeks and embroidered face.  I really put the zip on the pouch through the tests and it has held up really well. The lining is polka dotted like the bow. Using it as my travel bag which fits all my essential bits for makeup and makeup brushes I need to take with me. The little zip features a pompom as it’s tail. It has been really durable with me so far and I am so heavy handed so you can be sure this will stand up to the test. 


Overall I’m really pleased once more with what I got it all fit me well the material’s were of really good quality, the prices were very reasonable too and I would definitely recommend you guys check this site out they have so much more on there. I hope I could bring forward another amazing site for you guys to check out and hopefully see for yourself. 

Currently working on a ballgown for the Ayacon cosplay ball! I’m doing Euphemmia’s artbook dress along with BernieBear's C.C ballgown! You can see all my progress thus far plus extra's over here on my facebook page! 

stfuadachi sent: Oh wow Charlotte. I remember you <3




How is your voice stuff going? It’s been a while stfuadachi. Do you even still roleplay? 

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Hello everyone! I’ve reached a pretty crazy milestone (1.4k followers) in a few short months since converting to a gaming blog. I’ve already done one giveaway but this time I’m going to be GIVING AWAY A COPY OF DESTINY FOR ANY CONSOLE. Yup, that’s right, a physical copy of Destiny on your door step on release day (well, I can guarantee that for North American followers). I DID plan to give away a collectors or limited edition but they’re hard to come by but a copy of Destiny is the next best thing!


  • You must be following me. 
  • Reblogs count, you can reblog all you want and they will count.
  • Likes don’t count but feel free to like anyway.
  • No giveaway blogs, I’ll check.
  • Your ask must be open
  • You must feel comfortable with giving me your shipping address.
  • You must reply to the winning ask within 24 hours or I’ll choose someone else.

I’ll choose a winner September 6th using a number generator

Good luck!

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the REAL double standard in society is that when the hulk gets mad and destroys things it’s “incredible” but when i do it i’m just an asshole

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